“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

(pro Behandlung)
350,00 – 550,00 €

Usually, two to three treatments at intervals of five to eight weeks are necessary.

Botox therapy
Zornesfalten (je 20 Einheiten) 190,00 €
Chin wrinkles
(Bunny lines)
170,00 €
Crow’s feet
(per 20 units)
190,00 €
Nose wrinkles
(Bunny lines)
150,00 €
Crow’s feet and frown lines 350,00 €
Crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles
390,00 €
Forehead wrinkles
270,00 €
Full face approach 600,00 €
Per additional unit 5,00 €

The costs of Botox treatment are determined on the one hand by the zone to be treated and, on the other, by the shape of the wrinkles. behandelnden Zone und andererseits nach der Ausprägung Ihrer Falten.

It you are only looking for a minimal effect, a few units are already sufficient. For a more pronounced effect in the case of deep wrinkles, or treatment of several zones, a higher dosage is required. The price increases with the number of units that are needed.

Deviations from the costs due to individual anatomical factors are possible. Generally speaking, a combination treatment using hyaluronic acid can be carried out. We will be happy to give you detailed advice about your options.

Single treatment starting at €450.00
3 treatment sessions at intervals of 4 weeks approx. €990.00
The exact costs are determined on the one hand by the treatment effort for the relevant part of the skin and, on the other, by the number of areas to be treated. In comparison with booking individual sessions, you can save money by you deciding on a treatment package from the start. This comprises several treatments of one area, which take place at previously agreed intervals.
We establish the actual costs for your individual PRP therapy together in a non-binding consultation session. During this session, we draw up a precise treatment plan based on the number of sessions required to reach the treatment target.
Hyaluron therapy
Mundwinkel, Marionettenfalten
(0,6 ml)
250,00 €
(1 ml)
350,00 €
(1 ml)
350,00 €
(1 ml)
350,00 €
(0,6 ml)
250,00 €
(1 ml)
350,00 €
(1 ml/0,6 ml)
350,00€ / 250,00 €
Volumengebung mit Radiesse®
(je 1,5 ml)
starting at €450.00
Lippenfältchen mit Volbella
(1 ml)
450,00 €
(beim Mann, 1 ml/2 ml)
350,00 – 600,00 €
(1 ml)
350,00 €
Jede weitere Spritze
( in gleicher Behandlung)
250,00 €

Die Kosten einer Hyaluronsäure-Behandlung richten sich einerseits nach der benötigten Materialmenge und andererseits nach dem Areal, das behandelt werden soll. Zudem werden für Unterspritzungen in den verschiedenen Anwendungsbereichen jeweils andere Hyaluronsäure-Präparate herangezogen, was sich im Preis bemerkbar machen kann.

Leichte Abweichungen von den Kosten ergeben sich durch individuelle sowie anatomische Gegebenheiten. Auch eine Kombinationsbehandlung mit Botox ist möglich. Gerne beraten wir Sie ausführlich zu allen Optionen.

Pigment/tattoo removal
Carbon peel Eine Sitzung: 100,00 EUR
3 Sitzungen im Paket: 220,00 EUR
Individual prices Tattoo mini (bis 5 x 5 cm) 89,00 EUR
Tattoo klein (bis 5 x 10 cm) 119,00 EUR
Tattoo mittel (bis 10 x 10 cm) 169,00 EUR
Tattoo groß (bis 10 x 20 cm) 239,00 EUR
Tattoo maximal (bis 20 x 20 cm) 369,00 EUR
Treatment package, mini (up to 5 x 5 cm) 4 Behandlungen 329,00 EUR
8 Behandlungen 599,00 EUR
10 Behandlungen 699,00 EUR
Treatment package, small (up to 5 x 10 cm) 4 Behandlungen 409,00 EUR
8 Behandlungen 759,00 EUR
10 Behandlungen 949,00 EUR
Treatment package, medium (up to 10 x 10 cm) 4 Behandlungen 639,00 EUR
8 Behandlungen 1.159,00 EUR
10 Behandlungen 1.299,00 EUR
Treatment package, large (up to 10 x 20 cm) 4 Behandlungen 909,00 EUR
8 Behandlungen 1.719,00 EUR
10 Behandlungen 1.899,00 EUR
Treatment package, maxi (up to 20 x 20 cm) 4 Behandlungen 1.359,00 EUR
8 Behandlungen 2.419,00 EUR
10 Behandlungen 2.799,00 EUR
Scar correction by agreement
Prices for larger treatment areas on request

The prices indicated are examples. We will be happy to draw up a precise, 100% binding and authoritative calculation for you after assessing the areas of the body from which the tattoos, permanent makeup or pigment disfigurations need to be removed. The prices indicated require a one-off payment.